Almuerzo / Cena Menu
Lunch /Dinner Menu

  USD Cordobas
Platanos y Pico de Gallo
Basket of plantain chips with salsa
1.25 30
Tostones con Queso y Pico de Gallo
Smashed plantain served with salty fried cheese (A Nica favorite!)
3.25 80
Alas Picante con Platanos y Pico de Gallo
Spicy chicken wings served with pico de gallo and plantain chips
5.00 120
Ensalada Griega
Greek salad (Tomatoes, cucumber, onions, peppers, olives and feta cheese)
4.50 110
Gazpacho (Sopa fria de Andalucia)
Cold vegetables soup (Onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic, peppers)
3.50 85
Brochetas vegetariana
Grilled vegetable kebab with onion, potato, carrots, peppers, chayote and crème cheese with rice and smashed plantain
4.75 115
Quesadillas de pollo o res
Chicken or beef quesadillas grilled con mozzarella cheese and a side of pico de gallo and sour cream
5.25 125
Enchiladas de pescado
Fish enchiladas lightly fried served with gallo pinto, pico de gallo and plantain chips
5.50 135
Hamburgesa (Laguna Burger)
Our favorite burger, brushed with chimichurri sauce served with cheese, cucumber,lettuce, tomato and onion and a side of plantain chips and pico de gallo
5.00 120
15 % IVA not included /15% sales taxes are not included
Sopa de pollo
Delicious meal sized soup, served with a side of rice
4.25 115
Sandwich vegetariana
Vegetarian Sandwich with tomato, cucumber, onions, egg, radish, lettuce
3.50 85
Fish Tacos
Local fresh fish mixed with pico de gallo gallo pintos and avocado (seasonal)
7.00 170
Savory eggplant, tomatoes, onions, peppers
6.00 145
Filete de Pescado
Fresh local fish filet sautéed in white wine and herbs served with rice and grilled vegetables
10.00 245
Fajitas de pollo, res o vegetarianas
Your choice of beef, chicken or vegetable fajitas served with rice, tortillas pico de gallo and sourcream
8.00 195
Filete de pollo
Chicken filet con rice jalapeño sauces and tostones
8.00 159
Brochetas – Grilled Kebabs
2 kebobs with your choice of beef, chicken with rice and tostones
7.50 180
Filete de Res a la planca – Nica style Beef
Topped with chimichurri sauce and served with mashed potatoes and vegetables
10.00 245
Pasta del dia
Pasta of the day (ask for the daily special)
6.00 70


Banana flambeada
Banana Flambe made with orange, ginger and rum, served with ice cream
3.00 70
Piña caramelizada con Helado de vainilla
Carameilzed Pineapple con ice cream
3.00 70
Helado por copa Ice cream per scoop 1.50 35
15 % IVA not included /15% sales taxes are not included