Aktivities in the Laguna (Swim, Kayak, Hike and Birdwatching)

The lagoon is ideal to find relief from the tropical heat. 

Swim in the cleanest water in the whole of Latin America. You will appreciate the comfortable 25 degrees centigrade. Would you like to scuba dive? Just let us know and we’ll arrange it – even on short notice.

Or, explore the lake in a kayak, For overnight guests, these are at your disposal free of charge – including life jackets.  

If you are not the aqua-type or have had enough of the water, take a walk around the lagoon and enjoy the diversity of the tropical dry forest. In close proximity to the Lodge, you will discover hundreds of different plants and many animals such as howling monkeys, toucans, guardabarrancos (Nicaragua’s national bird), or iguanas. There is a hiking trail that begins right behind our Lodge and in approximately 1 hour takes you up to Catarina on the rim of the crater. From here, you have a magnificent view over the whole lagoon.

For all activities we ask you to be equipped with appropriate sportswear and adequate insurance. We do not accept liability for accidents of any kind.