How to get here

From Masaya:

Take the main highway Masaya-Granada (Carretera Masaya) towards Granada. At the 37.5 kilometer mark (GPS coordinates N 11° 58’ 21.1” – W 086° 01’ 32.0”), turn right in the direction of Laguna de Apoyo (see road sign). You are now on a road that is paved the whole way and runs steeply uphill for about 10 minutes. You will arrive at a T-intersection where there are a few small shops. Turn right here. After approximately 100 meters, turn left. Then, 200 meters further on you will come to the entrance of the Laguna where you will
find an information board and a gate supervised by a park guardian. The road now goes steeply downhill until, after 5 kilometers, you reach another T-intersection. Turn right. Another 2 kilometers brings you to Hotel Apoyo Resort and Spa. The paved road ends here but don’t worry. The rest of the route is also in good condition the whole year round, even without 4-wheel drive. Just one more kilometer and you have reached your destination. A sign on the left welcomes you to the San Simian Lodge (GPS coordinates N 11° 54’38.6” – W 086° 03’ 21.4”).

From Granada:

Take the main highway Granada Masaya (Carretera Masaya) in the direction of Masaya. After 37.5 kilometers (GPS coordinates N 11° 58’ 21.1” – W 086° 01’ 32.0”) (see marker on the side of the road), turn left towards Laguna de Apoyo. From here follow the directions given above.

From Managua:

Take the main highway Masaya/Granada (Carretera Masaya) heading south towards Masaya. Continue on the highway right through Masaya and then follow the directions given above under “from Masaya” heading towards Granada.

From Managua Airport:

Upon leaving the airport, turn right on the northward-bound highway (Carretera Norte). Stay on the highway until you reach the turnoff for Tipitapa (roughly 8 to 10 minutes driving time from the airport). At this junction, turn right in the direction of Masaya. Continue for about 20 minutes until the road meets the main highway (Carretera Masaya). Turn left
here. In approximately 5 to 10 minutes you will approach the 37.5 kilometer marker (GPS coordinates N 11° 58’ 21.1” – W 086° 01’ 32.0”). Here you turn right and follow the route description given above under “from Masaya”.

By Bus:

From Granada:

There are no direct buses from Granada to Laguna de Apoyo. It is therefore recommended that you take a bus to either Masaya or Managua. These normally run every half hour during the day. Notify the bus chauffeur that you want to get off at the entrance to the Laguna (La entrada de la Laguna). He will then let you out at the 37.5 kilometer point on the main highway
(Carretera Masaya). From there, it is no problem to find a taxi that will bring you to the Laguna de Apoyo. The taxi should not cost more than USD 5.00-10.00.

From Masaya to the Crater Rim:

There are many buses that drive daily from Masaya to the rim  of the Apoyo Crater. They are marked simply with “Valle” or “Laguna”. During the day the buses normally run every 40 minutes. From the rim of the crater you need approximately one hour on foot to San Simian. Follow the road until you are at the bottom of the crater. Turn right. Another 2.5 kilometers brings you right to us.

From Masaya to the Laguna de Apoyo:

There are two busses daily that drive down into the Laguna de Apoyo.

Departure Masaya Arrival Laguna Days
at 10.30
Monday to Sunday
at 16.30
Monday to Saturday
at 14.30
Departure Laguna Arrival Masaya Days
at 11.35
approx. 12.35
Monday to Sunday
at 17.35
approx. 18.35
Monday to Saturday
at 15.35
approx. 16.35

Price: 12 Cordobas (approx. USD 0.50)

Please leave the bus as soon as you reach the bottom of the Laguna (T-intersection). From here, take the road to the right. A half-hour’s walk brings you to the San Simian Lodge.


Of course, you may also take a taxi to reach us. For this, please do not pay more than USD 15-20 from Granada or Masaya.

Shuttle Service:

Currently we do not offer shuttle service from Granada