Laguna de Apoyo

The Laguna de Apoyo, conveniently located between Masaya and Granada, is one of the natural wonders of Nicaragua. The glistening deep-blue crater lake with its slightly salty water is an invitation to swim, dive, sail or paddle. Here you have one of the cleanest lakes in Nicaragua – perhaps even in all of Central America. For swimmers, there are no dangers lurking under the surface and the water temperature between 25 and 28 degrees is just right for a refreshing dip anytime and is especially inviting on cooler days. Measuring around six kilometers across and with a surface area of approximately 2,100 hectares there is plenty of room for water sports without disturbing the habitat of the many varieties of fish.

The Laguna de Apoyo was created by the collapse of a gigantic volcano 23,000 years ago. It soon filled with rain water supplemented by a network of underground streams. The crater bottom lies 200 meters below the surface and is about 100 meters below sea level. This is the deepest point in all of Central America. In time, a tropical dry forest took over the steep slopes that soar up to 500 meters above the lake. The lagoon is thus nestled in an imposing emerald-green setting abundant with flora and fauna diversity. By slipping into hiking boots you yourself can soon become a part of this magical world: More than 200 species of birds and butterflies can be observed; over 500 plant varieties have been recorded; and howling monkeys, iguanas and many other animals await your discovery.

Because of the beauty and biodiversity of the Laguna de Apoyo, it was declared a Nature Reserve in 1991 by the government of Nicaragua.